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The mission of IAHEA is to foster engagement, accelerate innovation, and amplify impact in business education. This mission is aligned with IAHEA’s accreditation standards for business schools. IAHEA strives to continuously improve engagement among business, faculty, institutions, and students so that business education is aligned with the needs of business practice. To fulfill this goal, IAHEA encourages and accelerates innovation to continuously improve business education. As a result, business schools will have a positive impact on business and society—and IAHEA will amplify that impact.


The vision of IAHEA is to transform business education for global prosperity. Business and business schools are a force for good, contributing to the world’s economy, and IAHEA plays a significant role in making that benefit better known to all stakeholders—serving business schools, students, business, and society. But our partnership doesn’t end with your certificate of accreditation – at the IAHEA we are dedicated to helping you to move your business programs to the forefront in today’s competitive landscape. We provide opportunities to develop as a leader, to engage in professional development, to network with your colleagues, and to share best practices in business education.

Elevating Standards in Higher Education with Dr. Ethan Harrington

Join Dr. Ethan Harrington, our esteemed Director of Accreditation, as he introduces the pivotal role of IAHEA in setting and maintaining the highest standards in higher education. Discover how our rigorous accreditation process not only benchmarks institutions but also fosters innovation, ensuring that students worldwide have access to exceptional educational opportunities. Learn more about our commitment to educational excellence and how we're shaping the future of learning.

Our History

The International Association for Higher Education & Accreditation (IAHEA) is an independent professional membership organization that promotes change and reform in higher education, fosters quality teaching and learning at the college and university level, and promotes public awareness of the value of higher education in the United States.

Synonymous with the highest standards of excellence since 1969, IAHEA provides quality assurance, business education intelligence, and professional development services to over 1,800 member organizations and more than 1,000 accredited business schools worldwide.

The IAHEA's objectives include identifying and analyzing critical problems, trends, and developments in higher education and seeking constructive solutions; helping to coordinate the efforts of educational institutions and agencies at all levels; encouraging the improvement of professional work in all areas of higher education; and developing a better understanding by the general public of higher education and of college teaching as a profession. In pursuing these goals, the IAHEA provides a forum for the expression of ideas relating to higher education and public policy.

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Connecting Communities with Jamal Thompson: IAHEA’s Vision

Jamal Thompson, IAHEA’s dynamic Head of Public Relations, shares our vision of connecting educational communities across the globe. This video highlights how IAHEA advocates for quality, equity, and innovation in higher education through strategic partnerships and dialogue. Find out how we’re working to transform lives and communities through education and how you can be a part of this transformative journey.

Organizational Structure

The IAHEA is governed by a twenty-member board of directors, which is headed by a chair and a chairelect. Board members are chosen by IAHEA members by mail ballot each year. The board establishes policy, determines programs, and appoints committees as needed. The day-to-day operations of the IAHEA are overseen by a staff of approximately twenty-five individuals under the direction of an appointed president.


The IAHEA is the only international higher education organization open to faculty, administrators, and students alike, regardless of rank, discipline, or type or size of institution. Its membership is a cross section of the International academic community, including college and university presidents, deans, faculty, counselors, and registrars, as well as representatives from government, business, the media, educational foundations, accrediting agencies, and other organizations concerned with higher education.

Accreditation Overview

IAHEA provides a set of standards and criteria to assist IAHEA member institutions in achieving excellence in business program education. Through a process of self-study, on-site visitation, and assessment, business units can demonstrate their commitment to serving students, other institutions, and industry. This distinctive model of excellence reflects validated leading-edge management practices, ensuring the quality of your business programs.

Global Recognition

IAHEA accreditation provides global recognition of your business programs. It sets you apart from your competition. It is accreditation with global distinction. IAHEA encourages and supports articulation agreements between its associate and baccalaureate/graduate degree member campuses. IAHEA accreditation provides better marketability for your students, giving them a competitive advantage in the hiring process.

Numbers Don’t Lie

We provide accreditation to more than 20 disciplines for the common good of higher education. To bring the standards of education to a new high, to help all of mankind to be greater than once thought possible.

IAHEA is an independent, membership-based, non-profit organization dedicated to building human capital for higher education. IAHEA is the source of choice for information about higher education on issues that matter in a democratic multi-racial society; and IAHEA promotes and disseminates examples of effective educational practice to address those issues. IAHEA members are an international talent pool willing and ready to share their expertise with colleagues in higher education, policymakers, media professionals, and the public at large.

1800+ Members

IAHEA boasts a diverse and growing membership of over 1800 individuals and institutions, each contributing to the rich tapestry of knowledge, experience, and innovation in the field of higher education. This extensive network fosters unparalleled collaboration and knowledge exchange, driving forward the mission to elevate educational standards globally.

100+ Countries

With representation from over 100 countries, IAHEA’s reach spans the globe, encompassing a wide array of cultural, academic, and professional perspectives. This international presence not only enriches the organization’s understanding of global educational challenges but also enhances its capacity to devise inclusive, culturally sensitive accreditation standards.


3,000,000+ Enrolled students

IAHEA’s impact is profoundly evident in the lives of over 3 million students enrolled in accredited institutions, where they benefit from high-quality education that prepares them for success in a rapidly evolving world. This significant number underscores IAHEA’s role in shaping the future of education and fostering a global community of well-educated, skilled individuals.

1000+ Accredited Schools

The milestone of accrediting over 1000 schools is a testament to IAHEA’s rigorous standards and its commitment to excellence in education. Each accredited school is a beacon of quality, providing students with credible, recognized qualifications and promoting continuous improvement in educational offerings and institutional performance.